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The Welfare Department was engaged in procurement and distribution of various items such as gram, dals, daliya, rice, milk powder, sugar, edible oils, salt etc. for their Anganwadis etc. After the HPSCSC came into being and acquired expertise in the procurement & distribution of essential commodities, the State Govt. decided to channelise the procurement of these items through this Corporation.
With a view to implement this decision a Steering Committee was set up by the State Govt. with the following composition:
1. Director of Welfare H.P.
2. Managing Director, HPSCSC Ltd;
3. Director , Food & Supplies, HP
4. Director, Health Services, HP
5. Special Nutrition Officer, office of Director Welfare.
The above committee is very ably guided and assisted in matters of nutritional and caloric values of various food items by the presence of the Director of Health Services. From the angle of what would be the best and yet the most economical item for the beneficiaries, the committee decides upon various components of the foodstuffs and accordingly the purchase decisions are taken.
The Committee meets once in every 4 months. Whereas pulses and milk powder are purchased by inviting tenders, sugar is purchased from the Mills through this Corporation. Rice is being made available out of PDS supplies and Tata brand iodised salt is being supplied by this Corporation out of stocks being sold under the PDS.
Primary Function: is of a ' Central Procurement Agency ' for all the controlled & non-controlled essential commodities.
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