Growing, Eating and Making Herbs

If you want to grow your own herbs, starting in a gardening book is a good idea. Have you considered that you can turn your outdoor garden into a windowsill garden and have fresh herbs always available? You will be amazed at how easy it is to create a natural garden, using the best landscape design ideas.

Read on to find out more about growing, eating and making your own herbs.

Choosing the exact location for your garden is important. Ideally, it should get plenty of sun and be close enough to a water faucet for its installation. But be aware that it also needs to be comfortable for you to spend time in it, and spend money on it!

If the only space you have is a smallish garden (uctimetres wide paths are OK), you can grow most herbs in pots. You might want to consider features such as proximity to a shed or a wall, or the ease of access. You will need to make sure there is not too much shed/ wall present.

Also, you will need to ‘plant’ your herbs. This means simply making a little turf of your new garden. No need for a fence!

The same process can be used to redecorate other parts of your garden. For example, you can use your compost heap as a mulch for your pots and be pretty colours for your plants.

As you can see, growing your own herbs is easy, useful for your cooking, and you will not be spending hours hunting down ingredients! Once you have set up your herb garden, you can sit back and watch your herbs grow and begin to mature, and eventually brew you tea and eat them!

Tips on starting to grow your own herbs:

– Not too late to get started – as it is mid-Winter

– Start with a small area, a few metre square to a couple metres square, this will grow quite quickly

– You can use most seeds and plants, just follow the instructions as for seeds, and be sure to plant at the right depth. For plants, you could cut the depth to around 2.5cm, (1 inch) and place the plant at the correct angle.

– If you are using perennial herbs, be sure to cut them back after your garden is established, as they will not be able to grow back in this state.

– Find out more about your specific herbs and their care

– If you are growing your herbs outside, be sure to consider the weather conditions and make sure your plants are protected during the winter. You can bring them inside to an cool conservatory, or to the meals room in your home.

– Find out about the herbs you are growing, as some have different requirements than others. The basic requirements for most herbs are light, dry and well drained soil.

– When sowing your seeds, be sure to introduce them to light and wind. This will allow them to germinate.

– Water your plants regularly. This is especially important for container plants or your herb garden in general.

– Most herbs notice a little drying out in the summer, especially the perennial herbs. So make sure to water regularly.

– Harvest your herbs occasionally. Snip off the tops, flower heads and leaves as you need them. This will encourage new growth. You can dry your herbs by hanging them in a cool room out of direct sunlight. Once they are dry, they are available for storing or drying.

The best way to use your herbs is fresh from the garden, so be sure to collect any diseased leaves or flowers quickly. Also, gather herbs in the early morning before the sun gets too hot or employ the sink to water your herbs in the morning.

It is very worthwhile using fresh herbs in your cooking. They will also work well for medicinal purposes.

If you are interested in using herbs in beauty treatments, home herbal gardening is an option that you might Consider. Many home gardeners like to create their own beauty products. Many have very elaborate gardens, and yet some like to simply enjoy the beauty of their herb gardens.

creates a nice visual appeal to your house

bells and chimes – possibly to hang outside your front door

garden statues – these can add a sense of whimsy

garden signs or plaques – info that you can hang outside your front door

garden seats – very relaxing in the shade

garden accessories – very whimsical, isn’t it?

outdoor candles – I usually have a few lit candles around the outside of my garden at night

outdoor mirrors – you can hang a mirror in your garden so that you can see your reflection when you are sitting there. This even works when you have your glass house, in which case I suggest that you keep the mirror safe from children!